Welcome to Dispatches from the Field

Welcome to the new Malawi Earlier-Middle Stone Age Project blog.  MEMSAP has been around since 2009 and is composed of professional scientists, graduate students, and undergraduates from America, Africa, Australia, and Europe.  Over the new few months we will update this blog with finalized dates for the field season, information about sub-projects planned for this summer by members of MEMSAP, and biographies of project staff.  Once the field season begins in late June-early July you can expect multiple weekly updates detailing our day to day work in and around the town of Karonga, Malawi.  Our goal for this blog is to peel back the Indiana Jones veneer and provide a chance for non-archaeologists to get a sense of what archaeological fieldwork really entails.  If you are an undergraduate student trying to decide if archaeological fieldwork is for you, this blog might be the place to start.  Of course, if you are already set on getting your hands dirty, e-mail our Principal Investigator Dr. Jessica Thompson at jessica.thompson@uq.edu.au for information about applying to work with MEMSAP.

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