Flying Into a New Phase of Work

We are back from the field! As a sneak preview, a rough cut of what will eventually become a full video with stills and voiceover can be seen here, documenting some of the landscapes we encountered during the 2016 MEMSAP/MALAPP field season! Keep posted for more updates soon as we describe for you what we did and what our future plans are as we transition into the Malawi Ancient Lifeways and Peoples Project (MALAPP). For those who are wondering, we will still be working on MEMSAP but from it will stem a new research program that has a focus on the Later Stone Age people of Malawi: their genetic relationships, their population demographics, their technology, their trade and exchange networks, and their social organization. This work will largely take place at rock shelter sites in the Mzimba and Rumphi Districts, including the famous sites at Mount Hora (below). Stay tuned for more…


Mount Hora, Mzimba District

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