New Outputs from MEMSAP

No, MEMSAP has not gone dormant! Rather, we have been working through those many years of data to organize and publish our results, and we have been planning the next phase of our research. We will have a presence at this year’s 2016 Society for American Archaeology meeting in Orlando, FL, and if all goes well we will also be going back to the field this northern summer/southern winter (okay, July, if you must be specific). We will know for certain about funding results in about a month. Stay tuned for more updates…

For now, please check out our latest paper! It should be freely accessible under the Creative Commons license, and is published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Remember that giant trench from a previous blog post that was visible from space? In this paper, we present our results about the chronology and formation of the site, and begin to foreshadow future results from its stone artifact assemblage.


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